​​The North Country Kennel Club was incorporated on October 14, 1962.  The club’s mission is to further the advancement of all breeds of purebred dogs, and to promote responsible dog ownership.  It became established as an affiliate club of the American Kennel Club and sponsors shows and matches under the auspices of the AKC.  In addition to furthering responsible breeding in conformation with AKC standards, the club sponsors events that further the relationship between owners and dogs.  The club is a source of information for people who are considering the purchase of a purebred dog or who are interested in participating in dog training.  The North Country Kennel Club is made up of a diverse group of dog enthusiasts who all share one common characteristic - a love for dogs!

The North Country Kennel Club is located In Upstate New York; however, you don't have to live in Jefferson County, NY to participate or become a member.  Nor do you have to own a purebred dog to become a member.  However, if you are interested in purebred dogs, participating in dog related events and competitions, or spending time with other dog owners, the North Country Kennel Club is a great group to get involved with!  Almost all of the club’s members are involved in conformation showing, obedience, agility, or rally, but there are those few members who chose only to help out with events and socialize with other dog lovers.  All of the activities the club offers are great ways to have fun with your lovable canine companion as well as great ways to strengthen the bond between dog and owner.  You do not have to be a member of a national breed club, and you do not have to be a breeder or serious show person to benefit from this organization – you just have to love spending time with your dog.